How it works


At Bia, we go to extraordinary lengths to source our ingredients locally,  in-season produce so it is bursting with natural flavour. Our approach enables us to cook nutritious and delicious food with nothing added but our own blend of fresh herbs and a very generous portion of TLC. We preserve our food using a blast freezer which retains the nutrients and flavours naturally, no nasty additives or preservatives. 

We Cook.

We Freeze.

You order. (on-line here, or email or call) Remember, minimum order €65 for delivery. This is to ensure the correct temperature is maintained throughout the delivery process. Free Delivery for €150 or more.

We Deliver (Tuesday - Friday To your door via courier)

To Reheat:

1. Remove your dinner from you freezer

2. Place into preheated oven. (No need to defrost), (Do not remove packaging) 

3. Follow reheating guidelines on underside of packaging.

4. Enjoy!

All cooked by Michelle Kerrigan with 20 years experience in the industry and a passion for great food